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Schwinn on Homeroom Fit

Club and Corporate Memberships

Our Program

  • Low monthly cost, no long term commitment, 2-week cancellation policy
  • Completely virtual administration and 2-step registration process 
  • Over 5 live-stream classes available per week (available in all US contiguous time zones)
  • Taught by Schwinn Master Trainers- the leading experts and educators in the fitness cycling industry!
  • Reclaim your membership base and sense of community by bringing the marketplace to YOUR club 
  • Broadcast live-stream classes for your club members riding together (but socially distanced) in the studio or “together” at home
  • Reduce costs of instructor payroll, until clubs re-open for in-person classes again
  • Unlimited access given to cycling staff for all live-stream classes, along with bi-weekly meetings with the Master Trainers to foster individual growth of skill sets, team engagement, and staff retention

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*No long term commitments – two week notification to cancel subscription for the following month

Broadcast a full 20+ class per month LIVE STREAM program right from your group cycling studio or let your members login from their own devices from wherever they have access to a bike. Serve your members and keep them engaged until you can offer a full in-person group cycling program. 

The Schwinn master trainer team makes up the world’s best cycling instructors and educators. The Live Stream experience with this elite team will engage your members and keep them willing to pay dues whether they can be in your facility physically or need to ride from the comfort of their home. The programming can be offered exclusively or as a supplemental addition to your in person offerings. 

Additionally, your entire indoor cycling team will have complimentary access to the entire schedule and will be invited to the bi-weekly instructor meet-ups. When your clubs classes are back in full swing, your team will be inspired, engaged and ready to truly move forward.